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 [VB6] Auto typer code

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PostSubject: [VB6] Auto typer code   Sun Nov 06, 2011 10:45 am

Now add the Following from the Toolbar onto your form:
Command Button: 2
Timer: 1
Text Box:2
Click the timer & under the properties area at the bottom right there should be an option called "Interval" Set it to 1000

Name your First command button Start, Second Stop (under caption not name)
Now under Text one caption put "Message here" and for the second one put "Interval"

Double click your start button & ADD this

Timer1.Interval = Text2.Text
Timer1.Enabled = True

Its basicly the same thing as start it just tells it to stop the timer.

Finaly Double Click you Timer & add this

Sendkeys Text1.Text & "{ENTER}"

Now you can test it out and stuff, if you want to keep it go to "File\MakeProjectEXE then locate it to your desktp or something then your done
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[VB6] Auto typer code
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